The fact that I have autism should not bar me from donating my sperm

A story made the rounds recently about how the London Sperm Bank is not accepting donations from people who have a neurological condition. This includes individuals who have dyslexia (which affects about 10 per cent of the whole population, and is not always considered a neurological condition) but also people who have autism or Asperger Syndrome.

This ban is strange. I have autism - but I am a multilingual university degree holder, I have a good CV and lots of other qualities (and weaknesses) just like everybody else. How does my condition make me an unsuitable donor, when there will be many out there who do not have a given neurological condition, but neither share the qualities I have? Would they also ban someone who is blind, or has a hearing condition? Shocking though it is to say, would they ban people who are not heterosexual, under this black and white logic?

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31st December 2015