No miracle cure: Probiotics in treating autism

Nicholas Yee took a deep breath, held his nose and swallowed his drink. The 11-year-old boy hurried to the kitchen for water, to help the thick yellow liquid go down.

The small cup contained more than 20 different supplements and vitamins, including flaxseed oil, Vitamin C and several types of probiotics, dissolved and mixed into water to make it easier for Nicholas to swallow. Diagnosed with autism at two, Nicholas goes through the routine twice a day. His mother Yee Gek Lang said that his daily regimen has not only helped manage his autism, but has also made him healthier and happier.

“When Nicholas was younger, he used to fall sick very easily, almost every month,” said Mrs Yee. “But since we started the probiotics, he’s hardly fallen sick.”

She added that she has also seen improvements in his attention span. “We see less spacing out, and he is able to stay focused during his learning and therapy.”

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5th December 2016
Channel News Asia