An 'Aspie' tells what it's like to live with Asperger's, autism spectrum disorder

When I was diagnosed after my testing, my neuropsychologist said I had textbook Asperger's. She pointed out the following traits as examples.

Extreme social awkwardness.  I take things literally & at face value unless I consciously focus on observing for signs of subtext. For example, yesterday my dog's vet asked if my blue hair was natural. Without thinking I responded no, but my dark roots were... of course, 1 nanosecond later I realized he HAD to have been joking- cue the wave of embarrassment!! I avoid unstructured social situations whenever possible and have serious difficulty making friends or relating to people in person. I do not spontaneously share my interests with my coworkers and prefer to be left alone to my own devices as much as possible while working. I also sometimes have trouble with auditory processing and hear English sentences as mere sounds; movies are best watched with subtitles for this reason.

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8th December 2016
Medical Daily