Gary Numan: I don’t see my Asperger’s as a disability - it’s an advantage

Synth-pop superstar Gary Numan believes the alien-like character he adopts on stage to belt out his best-known hits such as Are “Friends” Electric? and Cars is much more than just a stage persona.

“I developed a whole persona that was stand-offish, didn’t engage or smile,” says the British singer/ songwriter, 59. “It’s an extension of what I am and a big chunk of my songs are about being alone or misunderstood.” 

Asperger syndrome is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how people perceive the world and how they interact with others. There are about 700,000 people in the UK on the autism spectrum. That’s more than one in 100 and it appears to affect more men than women.

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5th September 2017
Express Online