Bogus health professional recommended KFC for girl with leukemia and tried to treat autism with alternative therapies such as 'bellybutton massages'

An unregistered healthcare practitioner has been found 'treating' autistic children with bellybutton massages.

Elvira Brunt administered the 'alternative therapy' to a teenage boy at the popular Fravira Clinic, in Adelaide's east, Adelaide Now reported. 

The boy's mother told a parliamentary inquiry last year that Ms Brunt is the only person in Australia who offers the treatment.

'She does massage therapy. She just warms the blood up and manipulates the bloodstream through his bellybutton,' she said.   

Ms Brunt said on Thursday that she has never claimed she can cure autism, but believes her patients 'have benefited' from her treatments. 

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18th January 2018
Mail Online