The real story of the woman in love with a Tetris cartridge

Fractal Tetris Huracan is a twenty year old student studying Mathematics at the University of Florida, and in many ways just like her peers. She studies hard, has a close group of friends and, after moving away from home, has fallen in love. That's where things diverge a little, and why Fractal has recently been acquiring media attention. The object of Fractal's affections is not a person; it's a NES cartridge. Or as she would prefer, he is a NES cartridge.

On Monday 22 January Fractal appeared on one of the UK's biggest morning shows, ITV's This Morning, to discuss her romance. The segment began with serious discussion about her feelings and the struggle of realising your romantic attractions are unusual. Once the show had aired, of course, responses online and tabloid coverage largely focused on mocking Fractal or salacious jokes about cartridges. The Sun focused on "stunned audiences" and the "intimate" aspects of her relationship, while The Mirror referred to the segment as "an all time low" for the show – while similarly fixating on questions of intimacy. The Mirror's coverage also focused heavily on Twitter users who claimed Fractal has "blatant mental health issues," but went no deeper than that.

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25th January 2018