For those who supported me through my son's autism diagnosis and beyond

When Joseph was first diagnosed with autism, I only told a few select people. Some of those people had known what was in the offing for some time but even then I felt it difficult to discuss. I didn’t want people’s sympathy or for them to be thinking ‘I told you so’.

I’ve always been a person who has worn my heart on my sleeve, often being told that I tell it how it is, whether that be the good or the downright shit. Joseph was only three when he was diagnosed, it wasn’t something we had lived with for years and battled for a diagnosis. Having him in our lives still seemed pretty new and by talking about his autism, I knew people would want answers. They’d want to know how far along the spectrum he was and what the future would hold. How could I face those questions when I didn’t know the answers myself?

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29th January 2018
Huffington Post