Is my child autistic? Four Grimsby parents tell us about their battle to get a diagnosis.

Autism services in North East Lincolnshire have come under harsh criticism from families who believe their children are being let down by a lack of diagnosis, help and support.

A wide range of families have criticised the local services for not doing enough to diagnose their children, which has led to a host of different problems with their early development as their children struggle in - and are often excluded from - mainstream school.

The lack of a diagnosis is also leading them to have serious problems in accessing support for their children in school or outside it, as they are often told that help cannot be made available without the diagnosis of autism.

Parents have also hit out at what they perceive as local services blaming them for the condition of their children, often being told that they are just poorly behaved, with the parents being told that they would have to go on a parenting course before they could get an autism assessment for their child.

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2nd February 2018
Grimsby Telegraph