We must ensure autistic children are no longer held back

Too often when I talk to families or young autistic people, they tell me about the struggles they face to get the right support, about being misunderstood by their teachers and how the education system doesn’t meet their needs.

As I write this today, I know there are thousands of parents across the country, battling to get their autistic child the education appropriate to their needs. At the National Autistic Society, we know that parents are frustrated that currently 50% of teachers say they don’t have the correct understanding of autism. We know that there isn’t enough provision locally for parents to make a good choice for their autistic child. We know the impact this has on families, the stresses it puts on siblings and marriages, and we know that this is because the education system is currently not fit for purpose. 

Yesterday, I attended a reception in Parliament to personally hand in a letter to the Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds MP, urging the Government to take action to make sure the 120,000 school-aged children on the autism spectrum in England are no longer held back.

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1st February 2018
Huffington Post