The hidden neurodiversity toll in our industry

Last year I was completed blindsided when we were told that my child has autism.  Suddenly life at home became much, much harder.  And life at work became much more complicated.

I was ashamed that I had spent seven years championing diversity and had not mentioned neurodiversity once.  This has now changed and we are, along with Creative Equals and Campaign, hosting the industry's first #diverseminds conference on 1 March.

Whilst researching the content for the conference, I have spoken to many incredible diverse minds in our industry who are creating brilliant work, and find the workplace challenging at times.  I don't in any way want to detract from the very real challenges such people are facing. I have also come across a group of people that has been hidden up until now - the parents of children who have been given diagnoses.  This group are reluctant to speak up and have a huge challenge on their hands balancing their home and work demands.  I want to share with you the key things I have learnt from this amazing group of people, whose children are on the autism spectrum.

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7th February 2018