How applied behaviour analysis helped my daughter's autism

When interior designer Tracy Holliday was told that her daughter Freya was autistic, she wasn't surprised.

What did  astound her was the lack  of support available for her child.  "Freya, who has a twin Chloe,  was different from the start," recalls  Tracy, 43. "She was difficult to  settle and found it hard to sleep." 

However it wasnít until she was  about 16 months old that Tracy  really started to worry. By then Chloe was walking and starting to  talk but Freya, now four, was failing  to meet her milestones. She didnít  make eye contact or show any  interest in her toys.  

Freya suffered from glue ear and severe reflux and Tracy hoped  it was her physical problems that  were holding her back. "Deep  down though I knew she had autism," she says.

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22nd July 2014
Daily Express