Autism Without Fear: We Raise Money for Autism Research... But Not for Our Kids' Schools and Service Agencies?

Many of us, as parents of spectrum kids, participate in "autism walks" or other events to raise money for autism research. But we don't volunteer anywhere near the same capacity for entities that directly impact our children -- our kids' schools or service agencies. Why?

Well, the research walks are well-organized, their fundraising component is linked to spreading awareness, we're thanked adequately by the walk organizers (who engage us with empathy for our situations), the events are fun, we get to spend time with folks enduring similar experiences, and let's face it -- our relationships with the schools and agencies that serve our kids can be contentious. We too often have to fight to get what our kids need from them. So given these parameters, our walking infinitely more for research makes sense.

But looking through another, perhaps painfully-obvious lens?

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19th December 2014
Huffington Post