Making sense of the unfeasible: my life journey with Asperger syndrome.

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M. Fleisher
Making sense of the unfeasible: my life journey with Asperger syndrome.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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Personal Account, Detailed Description
Publisher's description'Before he received his diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome (AS) in the 1970s, Marc Fleisher was considered mentally retarded - yet he went on against the odds to gain two maths degrees and the undertake postgraduate studies in maths. In this work, Marc relates how, supported by his family and by services for people with autism, and despite family tragedy and personal difficulties, he learnt how to get the most out of life. He shares, with humour and candour, practical tips for people with AS, and those around them, rounding off his story with appendices on astronomy, parallel universes, and the mathematics of unfeasibly large numbers.'
Asperger Syndrome, Autism, Child/Children, Biography

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