Adult Life for People with Autism and Asperger Syndrome: Achievements, Challenges and Needs

Adult with autismLead Researchers: A collaborative study between the Institute of Psychiatry/Maudsley Hospital and Research Autism and the National Autistic Society

Description: This study was designed to explore outcome in adult life in higher ability people with autism/Asperger Syndrome

Around 15-20 years ago we conducted detailed interviews and assessments of young adults with autism and their parents, brothers and sisters. Many of these individuals are now in their 30's, 40's or beyond and we were anxious to meet with them again to find out more about the challenges and difficulties or successes they have experienced as adults.

We were particularly interested in what help they and their families have had (or not!) from social, health, educational, and employment services in order to identify areas of unmet need.

Impact: This project helped to inform clinicians as to the long term outcomes for this group and to shed light on important variables related to those outcomes.

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25 Oct 2017