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All research undertaken by Research Autism has been identified as likely to have a positive impact on the quality of life of people on the autism spectrum and their families.


Hooode man at computerDescription:

Cybercrime is defined as crimes committed through the use of information communication technology.

There is a growing perception among law enforcement agencies that a significant number of those being arrested in connection with cybercrime may be on the autism spectrum. This is an area that has received much attention in the media but little in the way of systematic research.

Research Autism is seeking to undertake a research project to explore the profiles of cyber offenders and their pathways into such offending.


- Identifying whether or not an autism spectrum condition makes for a greater vulnerability to cyber offending

- Raising awareness of autism and cyber offending in law enforcement agencies

- Understanding the pathways into cyber offending to aid prevention

- Developing strategies for raising awareness of risk factors and better prevention of cybercrime by individuals on the autism spectrum

More information: Cybercrime project

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14 Mar 2018